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  1. Samantha


    I was wondering if you have any information on what the salary for an optometrist with 10 years of experiences is in Los Angeles. Thank you in advance for any information that you can give me.


    1. Andrew


      I am training to be an ophthalmologist and I do not have much information on optometrists. Anything I say would be a guess. I would google “optometrist salary california” and see what you can find. As far as ophthalmologists in CA with 10 years of experience, they will be averaging about $200k-$300k.


  2. Mike Frazier


    I don’t know how you are keeping this site up during your intern year. You are the MAN!

    I have a website, that has a similar mission as this site. Giving premeds info they need to get into medical school and succeed once there.

    I just matched into psychiatry. I have an article about how I scored well on Step 1 that might be useful for your site. I could also do a “spotlight” for you about psychiatry if you’d like.

    Keep up the good work! Good luck in ophtho!


  3. James

    Hello Andrew,

    My wife is currently a resident in her final year. I looked at all the study material that is provided and they are expensive and some don’t add much value. I am a doing a market analysis as to residents that would be interested in an online service that provides study material as well as exams for board preparation. The information I am looking for is what yearly fee would they be willing too pay? What type of specialty would be interested in such a program? What board test prep courses are the most used per specialty?

    Thank you,


  4. Rebecca Knight

    We’re about to put up a much better website. I could give you perspective on the following:
    Internal Medicine practice
    fellowship in Women’s Health (If I had it to do again definitely would do this plus Endo)
    Working for hospital and why I left
    Working for yourself
    creating a multi-disciplinary clinic

  5. Ophthoboard


    I have been following your site throughout my third year and gained plenty of insight from it. I am a MS4 currently applying to ophthalmology. As a medical student, it is sometimes difficult to gain exposure to ophthalmology. It is not a required rotation, and little time is spent on ophthalmic conditions in basic science courses. Several of my classmates ask me how I was able to develop an interest in this fascinating field, who I went to for guidance, and where I was able to find research. It was not easy. Little information was available how to pursue the field and I was not sure who to ask at first.

    To help medical students and residents gain more insight and have questions answered about this field, I developed a small forum:


The forum just started out, but there are a number of residents and attendings already part of it to help answer questions for medical students. There are sections for general questions, research opportunities, events, and even a classifieds section. I already emailed everyone at my home institution about the forum, but have no way of contacting students at other medical schools. Would it be possible for you to link me in your “specialty spotlights” section? I want this resource to be available to everyone interested in the field.
    I also have a dedicated section called “interview of the month,” where I interview various ophthalmologists about their journey into this field and ask a few questions to give advice to medical students. I would be honored to interview you to post in the residents section, as you can surely offer great advice to medical students regarding ophthalmology. Please let me know. Thank you.

  6. Anonymous

     I am wondering what a neurologist who takes an interventional  fellowship can expect to earn ? where do I go  I cannot find on AGME site    Please advise .would be happy to pay for info 

    1. Andrew

      I an not a neurologist and do not know where you might find this information. If I were you, I would talk to an interventional neurologist.


  7. sasha

    Hi i'm thrid year medical student and i love to be an ophthalmologist but i'm afraid it would be a little boring would you tell me your opinian about this speciality.thanks

  8. Francis Uchenna Nwako

    hi Andrew, I am a Foreign Medical Graduate in West Africa. Please what score must i aim for at the Boards( step 1,2 and 3) to get residency in Ophthalmology in the USA.I also have interests in research, how could i use this to my benefit?Are there any other tips you think could be of help? Thanks a lot in anticipation.

    1. Andrew

      Hi Francis,

      This is a great question, but one that is difficult to answer. Good scores on the USMLE are not quite as important for FMGs than for medical students. It would be good if you could score above 210 on all the exams. As long as you are in this range it will be a non issue. Research is very important, you should highlight good research in your application. You also need to find the programs that are FMG friendly.


  9. Sarah

    Hi.I’m fourth year med student from iran.can you give me some tips on how to study for the wards and rotations?

  10. Debansh

    Hi, So I am a 8th grader currently in middle school going into highschool. I was wondering what are the required courses I would need to take to get into the medical field? How long have you been studying after highschool? Is it tough/hard?



    1. Andrew

      Hi, getting into medical school is difficult….but that is the easy part. I graduated from high school in 2000, and I am still a resident (15 years of training/school after high school…and counting)! I won’t be done with training for years to come!  I will be 35 years old before I get my first real job. You need to decide if this is right for you. Don’t worry about what classes to take until you get to college. Thanks, Andrew

  11. Cmt

    Andrew, your website has been invaluable. Thank you so much for your dedication and generosity in clearing the path for those of us who come after you in the medical field. More power, and may God bless and keep you always!

    1. Andrew

      Thank you!

  12. RP MS3

    Hi Andrew,

    Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for creating this site. I just started third year and it feels like my entire class knows what they're going into (except me of course!). This website is a rare gem. Really appreciate it!

    1. Andrew

      Wow, thank you, that means a lot. It is hard to find time to work on this site during residency but comments like these keep me going.

  13. Richard

    I want to learn spanish during my clerkships, focusing on conversational spanish and medical terms. Are you able to recommend any resources? Thank you.

    1. Andrew

      Unfortunately, I don’t have any experience or recommendations for this. Good luck. 

  14. Anonymous

    Thank you for such an amazing website! I found it very informative and extremely useful.Im currently a final year med student from India and am very interested in ophthalmology.Could u provide any guidance regarding the kind of research experience that is expected and if it should be in my home country or in the USA?

    1. Andrew

      Hi, this is a tough question. Any research you do is helpful, just find a good project and get involved. It doesn’t matter where you do the research, it only matters if it is good and is presented or published somewhere.

  15. Sharon

    Hi Andrew,

    Neat website!  I am actually looking for an opthamology textbook…I have been referred to an opthamologist/glaucoma specialist because of optic nerve atrophy/visual field defects with normal IOP (14) – oh, and I just turned 35! I am a smart and educated person (B.Sc. in physics honours, M.Sc. in speech-language pathology) and would like an actual medical student textbook (or two!) because I am desperate for some info on how the eye works (in detail)- more than I can find online.  Any suggestions? Thank you!


    1. Andrew

      This is a good question. The best overall book is Kanski Clinical Ophthalmology, but it is more geared to physicians. There is another book, “Physicians guide to Ophthalmology” by Trobe which is very good and less technical.

  16. Yasser

    Hi Andrew,

    Thank you very much for the website! I noticed that you haven't listed any textbooks for the physical exam/history taking. Are these books essential during medical school, or are they simply extra? If the former, what textbook would you recommend for the 3rd and 4th years? 

    1. Andrew

      I am sure you will get different answers from different people. For me, those books were not necessary. Our medican school has classes in place for didactics and role playing sessions where these types of things are taught many times over. If you have time, extra reading never hurts….but you probably won’t have time. 

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