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Proper gowning and gloving, a training video

As I mentioned in a previous post about how important it is to know proper scrub technique, it is equally important to know how to gown and glove. Most students will receive formal training in these techniques.  However, if you are planning on being in the OR either for shadowing or elective rotations before you receive training, be sure to watch this video and the video on proper scrub technique

How to scrub for surgery, a training video

Most medical students will be required to take a crash course in scrubbing, gowning and gloving.  However this may not happen until your surgery or OB rotation during third year.  Many students will find their way into the ORs before those rotations.  My first OR case was during a urology elective.  I had no scrub training and the surgeon asked me right before the case, “Hey med student, go scrub, I need a first assistant.”  I had to find a scrub tech in the hall to help me.

So, learn how to do it now!  I have seen a lot of training videos, but this one is particularly good for scrubbing.  I also highly recommend you see this video on gowning/gloving.  You don’t want to mess that up either, the scrub nurses will kick you out.