How to find the right journal

Most medical students will take part in research during medical school.  A few students will have the oppurtunity to present their research either at a national meeting or as a peer-reviewed article.  As I completed a few projects in school it was always difficult for me to know what journal would be the best fit for my research.  Luckily, I stumbed on a fantastic tool to help you identify journals where your paper would be a good fit.

JANE (Journal Author Name Estimator) is a free online tool that uses the title of your proposed paper and matches it to appropriate journals.  It does this by searching the titles of articles in all available journals and finding similar words and phrases in the already published titles.  I have used this software a few times and it always works very well.


You can also use the software to find authors that published papers similar to the paper you are submitting.  The same algorithm is used, but your title is match to authors who published similar papers.  Finally, you can use the software to find specific articles that are similar to title that you search.  I have found the first two capabilities to be very useful, but I think the simple search engine on pubmed is more reliable for searching for specific articles.

Here is the link again,



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