The University of Utah Anatomy Tutorials

I recently posted about a great radiology website that is also a good study tool for gross anatomy.  It is i

mportant to remember that most anatomy tests will include a few questions using radiology images.  However, I found that the best way to study anatomy was through anatomy dissection websites.  The University of Utah provides a great website to their students, and it is open for public use too. Their anatomy website is broken up by organ system and features hundreds of images and quizzes.


They have an entirely different site dedicated to neuroanatomy.  This is the clearest and best organized review I could find on the internet.


In addition to the basic anatomy website, they also have many histological and pathological slides and quizzes.  The histology review on their website was one of the best I could find.  The pathology slides are equally worthwhile, though they are likely more useful for courses other than anatomy.


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